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I'm so tired

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I had my last big chemo last Monday (Feb.9th)and I'm so tired and its been a week. Does it get harder has the weeks progress - this was my eigth one. I'm going to start monthly treatments of taxol. I am so tired of being tired.

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Hi CK, I know that tired feeling. I gave myself procrit shots weekly and that seemed to help along with iron pills and multi vitamin. Unfortunately during the chemo it doesn't get better. But several months down the road it well. Pay attention to our diet, watch the nutrition you take in and ask your Dr about procrit. I could feel the difference as my blood count dropped and then a day after the procrit I wasn't as tired. Hopefully this helps. Prayers are with you. Bonnie

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Hi there! Unfortunately chemo and fatigue go hand in hand. My chemo nurses recommended B-complex supplements, and it does help. Also mild exercise, if your doctor okays it. I regularly do yoga, and it makes a tremendous difference in my energy level. Best of luck to you!

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Boy, do I remember that feeling. Unfortunately, chemo is cummulative. So because it builds up in your system until your done, you will feel tired. I agree with the other replies - nutrition is an important role. Try to keep up your protein (chicken, fish, and a good protein supplement, I can recommend one if you need to know). The protein supplement really helped me. I didnt' have much of an appetite. So I would have the protein bars with me and water. And I would break off little bits at a time. It was very tolerable, easy on the stomach and sustained my energy. Anyway, mild exercise is advisable also. Once you're over the chemo you can resume normal activity, but do what you can during this time. Thoughts and prayers going your way - it does get better!

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Dont fight it., Go with it. When your tired sleep or rest, it gets worse before it gets better, BUT it does get better. There is an end to all the insanity. Its rough, but we all get through it. You will too, I promise. Bless you ! and Best of luck, for sometimes its just that, Luck.....

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