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bad muscle spasms

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I had a total thyroidectomy 4 yrs. ago. My meds still are not right. They change almost every time I have blood work. After I had surgery I had a hard time being upright without severe shoulder pain. I also had lymph nodes removed from the side of my neck. I thought maybe all of the trauma to my body was just temporary. But, I still have shoulder and neck pain along with bad muscle spasms in my back. The side of my neck has a numbness to it but I can not stand anything to touch it. I feel like a nut sometimes when I am pulling my blouses off the side of my shoulder. It drives me BONKERS!!!! I take neurontine for the pain, but it doesn't really help fully & I don't know what to do about things touching my neck, Do You? Look forward to hearing from you , Rocky2

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I only had my thyroidectomy last October. I had 25 lymps removed on both sides of my neck. I know exactly what you mean about the feeling in your neck. It is the most bizarre feeling ever. I can't stand it either. I have found that the more i touch and play with my neck on my own it seems to get a little more tolerable. My doctor says it takes a long time to go away (he had the same surgery 15 months prior - nice to have a doc that understands). As far as muscle spasms, my doctor said calcium helps with that - infact my friend had a chronic eye twitch and I gave her one of my calcium pills and it went away. I had to take a tone of calcium after my surgery due to twitching and my parathyroids being in shock. As far as your meds go, are you taking them the same time every day, you can't eat for an hour after you take it, or two hours before. Some vitamins and minerals cause it to bond and just go straight out your systems without being absorbed. (according to my doctor and pharmasist). The more consistent you are with your meds the better your reading - i would imagine. I've become religious with them. I never could take my birth control right, but i do take my synthroid correctly. good luck - mandolinv

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??? mandolyn i had a complete thyroidectomy/thymus in 1992 f/u with a 1-113---ca.reoccured last year-ended up removing a papthyroid gland as well as a couple of masses. had a 1-313 in jan .i have been having spasms in my legs and arms as well as eye twitches, nueropathy in the lower part of my face . my?? is that common ? i get so frustrated that i just want cry

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Did a doctor tell you not to eat anything after you take your Synthroid for 1hr? No one has ever told me this. I knew not to take my calcium for 4 hrs after my synthroid. It really make a difference if you follow just the little things with your thyroid meds. It's amazing how one thing can make you feel so much better all day. It pays to read these post. Your Doc's don't tell the tricks of the trade.
My systhroid has been changed 7 times since March 2008. I've gained weight and find it hard to find the mind set anymore to loose it. My age, mind and body just seem to think this is the way it is....

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i had a total thyroidectomy for advanced papillary carcinoma 7 years ago (when i was 22) - I had severe muscle pain after which i couldnt get rid of. Because i was a three season varsity athlete in high school, I assumed that i had worked out too much, and damaged my muscles. After  doing a whole lot of research, i started taking 500 mg of magnesium every night before i went to sleep. Not only do i fall asleep immediately after taking it (better than  a  sleeping pill, and painkillers - which im allergic to anyway), but i sleep more deeply,  have dreams i remember (previously i only remembered like 5 dreams in 29 years), and my pain is GONE. I have tested this theory on others, and every person who has tried it, has reported that their pain is GONE! Now, even my fiance (who is perfectly healthy, no prblms sleeping or anything else) takes it at night because it relaxes his muscles and gives him a better nights sleep!


No if only i could fix my crazy weight gain, and cronically high thyroglobulin...sigh

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