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im new here/ alternative meds?

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Hello all. I just got back from Virgina Mason Hospital, Seattle WA. I am dignosed with pancreatic cancer.
Im told this has also spread to my liver. Here is what else im told...
Surgery is not an option as if they operate on either the pan or liver one will spread faster, They also suggest no radition as this will also cause the liver to also spread faster.
As i say im new here, this hospital is top notch, but i am seeking all resourses available to me such as this wonderfull board. So im looking for any and all info, especially if any one has tried any of the "alternative"medications and if so what the out come of those were in the instance of pan cancer. OK any and all feed back welcome. God keep you and yours.. Dennis

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I am carlos from peru. My mother, 65, has just been diagnosed wit PC 1.5 months ago.Try www.natural-source.com or www.birm.com. Here in Peru www.ipifa.com.pe(IPIFA is the company, I am not sure the address is right). I really hope you will win this battle, be positive and enjoy life as everyone should, loving and being loved.

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hey carlos, sorry to here about your mother, you and I are close in age, im 43. just wanting to no how you think the herbs are doing for your mother, i start chemo tommrow, i am drinking essiac tea, green tea, and pau d arco, from a bark of a tree in your part of the world.....god bless and stay in touch

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Check out the Gonzalez Protocol. Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez has had great success treating pan can patients and his regimen is now in the final stages of phase 3 clinical trials. He uses a nutritional regimen, pancreatic enzymes and detoxification to fight the cancer. He used to be "alternative" until the mainstream could no longer ignore his results. www.Dr-Gonzalez.com


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Hello Dennis,
My friend's mother in law has pancreatic cancer. Hers is inoperable, too. She is part of a study/clinical trials and appears to be doing pretty well. Are they checking for studies for you? Glad you are with a great hospital.

Also you may want to check out the site called
PanCan.org for survivors and caregivers. I receive a newsletter from this organization. My dad had Pancreatic cancer several years ago. (now I am a breast cancer survivor).
By the way, I may have met you in the chatroom.
Hope this may be helpful.
Take care

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Thanks Roxanne and all who have replied. yes think i have seen u in the chat room, I hope to see you there soon and we can chat about this more. Thanks Dennis

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