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Not a hothouse flower

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Joined: Nov 2003

Does this group ever have a scheduled chat? Or do you just take your chances. I tried the chat room for the first time last week. I am not a very fast typist so the conversation tends to get away from me. I did not recognize any names and was about to leave when they started making fun of my name. Is it real? What does it mean? Did you make it up? Snicker. Snicker. Before I could lay any snappy comebacks on them the board went blank. *&*@ etc...

We should all gang up on them and commandeer the room. Spongebob can drive them off with a dose of salty language and be our Mc. Andreae will be in charge of entertainment--maybe a Cirque du Soleil thing with lots of contortionists. Emily would cater, of course. Wheatgrass canapes and soy milk snifters. I know Monika has a crystal punch bowl somewhere. Nanuk can stick to soda water because he is the designated driver. Everybody else is invited and we can all make fun of Kanga's accent.

Aspaysia, named after the Roman Emperor Aspasian.

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I don't know about nanuk being the designated driver -

1. He's one of those Alaska drivers I have already discussed.

2. I don't know about running around in an RV with a machine gun turret!

3. Maybe we can all pile on Kanga's motorbike?

Aspaysia, some folks just ain't edjumukayted enuff fer ta git cher nayme. Don't pay them no nevermind.

- SB

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"CRIKEY" Aspaysia---stop your whingin'---as per my recent posts they won't even let ME into the room!Some drongo puts up a window in front of me dial then asks me to click nexta me name n then some galah shuts me window down n tells me that there is no way this side a tha "black stump" is the server gunna let me join in!--go figure
(that "go figure" was Bruce Willis not Paul Hogan!)

Can't fit yas all on me Yam FJR 1300 Spongebob but I do have this real ripper of a trailer made for campin with all the clobber needed to have a great outback bush tucker show---
SO --Aspaysia---yu can all climb aboard for one top donga/scrub-bashing shindig good enough to sit around the campfire under the southern cross.
and sing-----
we are one--and we are many
and from all the lands on earth we come
we share a dream
and sing with one voice
I am, you are,
PS----Aspaysia--I like your name! And when you figure out how to get em to let me into the room sweetie can you let me know!
kanga n Jen

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I am sorry you had such a hard time in the chat room. Due to the ads that have been running there are a lot of new people who don't seem to understand whats going on, I have been going in the chat for quite a while and last night I had a major problem with someone. What you need to do is email jose at csn and tell him what happened they do want to know what is going on so that they can get rid of those type of people. CSNCommunity.Specialist@cancer.org please do this as I said this is the only way they can know.
What a lot of the old timer chat people do is go on aim there you will find very understanding and good people when I had my problem last night I was very upset and they were very supportive for me. Don't let a bunch of idiots ruin it for you. There are some very nice people who still go in chat. When it gets that crowded it is very hard to follow and I don't type very fast either. lol

Posts: 176
Joined: Mar 2003

P.S. if you can you can try going on in the morning not as many people

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Hi A,
In the last few months I've tried the chat room a few times, none recently. I find it hard to keep up, there are so many people whose stories I didn't know, and it felt hard to break in, even as a fairly fast typist! So, I find this message board much more meaningful for me, although not as immediate in getting feedback and replies. I've come to prefer posting and some e-mailing; it feels like communicating with friends instead of taking a chance on connecting with someone on the chat. I also find it hard to find the chunk of time to sit in the chat room, and tended to leave pretty quickly, but the people I chatted with were all very nice. Sorry for your bad experience; hope it works out better if yu try again. Judy

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I am laughing so haed I find it hard totype........lololololololololol infinity

Then I read kangas and the laughter starts all o ver again. Oh thank you thank you. my sides hurt.

About the chatroom: there have been some unsavory types on lately I noticed too. Sorry to hear you have problems last night pattie. We must have just missed eachother. It has become a very hoppin place and crowded. With the new ones comes a different dynamic. A little jostling for position or something....or folks with no manners. It actually can be a great place to share and connect, but I agree with judith, I have come to prefer our own little joint right here tho it isn't chatting. Used to be I spent more time in chat and less here but you may have noticed that I spend more time in here andless there now. I have been coming to these boards for over a year and half (maybe closer to 2) and have come to rely on all of you to be here. I need you guys. Man, I love you like a brother...now gimmee your Bud...I mean beer SB.

Kanga...you are still getting the boot and I know it's not cuz you're from OZ. Keep trying and do email Jose with problems. They do listen...even if they dono't want to start an Alternative Medicine board.....lol.

So count me in Roman Goddess and I will bring the soymilk snifters (which SB will spike no doubt).

peace, emily who is still laughing

Anonymous user (not verified)

Hey Asp, count me in too. And yes, I've got a crystal punch bowl...two, if it suits there fancy. I've been in the chat myself only about once or twice...can't keep up with the dialog...get totally confused and don't know if they are talking to me or not. I'd prefer to go in there with some of Sponge's brew in one punch bowl and Em's in the other...perhaps they'd slow down some (LOL).


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Posts: 2115
Joined: Feb 2004

Agree with yu guys--chat rooms can be a bit strange at times and fast too.I kinda prefer this room---now that I found you all!

Maybe it's just the way kanga "tawks" strange----he he lol
luv n hugs, kanga n Jen

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