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Survival rate for Stage IV NSCLC - Adenocarcinoma

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My mother was recently diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer - adenocarcinoma. The cancer has spread to both lobes of the lung, the brain and the bone. I would love to hear any stories of survival as I want to give my mom some hope. The Doctor tells her she can't live more than a year and I believe this is causing her to give up any hope. If survival were possible, I'm sure she would be inspired to fight on. Also, any testimonials on alternative treatments (Burzynski, etc.) for this type of cancer would be welcomed. God bless you all.

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Hi Josh, so sorry about your mother. My dad also has stage IV lung cancer, although it has not spread to his brain or bone. I sure hope your mother doesn't give up bcause of what the Dr. told her. If there's one thing I've learned for sure about lung cancer in the last 2 years, it's that the Drs. absolutely can not tell you anything for sure. My dad has fought SO hard to maintain his health & quality of living, & he's done so well, in spite of what Drs. have told him. He was able to hold off the growth for a long time, about 8 mos. with Iressa, but just last week, his tumor really took off, so right now he's not on any chemo, but is going in to discuss it with his Dr. today. They live out of state & will let me know how it went. But he's so not ready to quit, although I have to admit that with this growth spurt, I almost lost hope, but I just can't while he's still so ready to do anything; anything, rather than just giving up. God bless him & God bless your mother & you & God bless my mother. I hope that things will look up for you & her.

Take care, Josh,

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Hi josh and Whalen, Just read your emails and wan share what is helping me survive stage 4 lung cancer psychologically : i was given a book by a psychoanalyst friend of mine and I read it and followed the advice and am surviving just fine. I know at attitude is a factor in whether a person lives or gives up. This book is about and by a woman who had breast cancer and how she dealt with it attitudinally. It's called SACRED CHOICES but it's not a "religeous" book ; it refers to the choices yu choose to make about ur cancer and it's treatment. It worked fro me, perhaps it will hepl your Moms too. Love Vic ( sacredchooser)

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If doctor is pessimistic, I would seek a different doctor, everyone needs to be on the same positive page.

I can't say that all will be well with your mom but negative will not help.. prayer and hope will take you far... hugs.. Lana

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I agree with Lana -- look for a doctor with a better attitude. You may also want to visit the message boards at lungcancersurvivors.org for some more encouraging stories.

Best to you and your mom.


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Hi Josh,

I’ve just joined this group and agree with those above who have encouraged you to find another oncologist. I was diagnosed in April 2017. I have Adenocarcinoma of the R lung that had metastasized to my lymph nodes, bone and brain. I got a great 9 months of quality of life from Keytruda despite not having a high PDL1. Since then I’ve been on chemo, and tho I had my dose reduced because of side effects, I’m doing well again!!  I did have gamma Knife, and cyber knife for new tiny mets, and ablation of the larger (interventional radiation). It’s now almost a year and a half later and I’m still here, functioning well, with all my breath and no pain  

All of this to say that what your Mom and you Really need is an Oncologist who you Trust and who will discuss all your options. I hope you & Mom are already looking for That 2nd & 3rd opinion! I believe it may Not as bleak as you’ve been led to believe.  What state do you live in?  

Keep us posted And remember to breathe!


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