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Bile Reflux

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After a stage iv tumor and 80% stomach removal plus Radiation and chemo my eating has slowly returned to a grazing regime and finally a weight gain after a 100 lb loss. A consistant problem from the first however has been reflux because of nothing in place to stop it from coming up. At first doctors were giving me Nexium and similiar
medication but a endoscopic exam for another problem showed I was full of Bile Reflux not acid reflux. The only medication that helped was Carafate to protect the stomach and esophagus and sleeping while sitting up. After a year of pain from this reflux a doctor that I was having a
colonoscopy done by tried me on Colestid that is primarily used for lowering Cholestrol by binding
Bile. It has worked wonders for me and recommend
you ask your doctor if it maybe right for you if
you suffer from Bile Reflux. As it is I have met many Cancer patients who have discovered they have bile reflux while being treated for Acid Reflux. As one doctor put it to me, you don,t have a stomach big enough to produce treatable acid reflux, time to look elsewhere.

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