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Looking for options...

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In '97 after one vocal cord stopped working, the ENT discovered a locally invasive papillary carcinoma, so I had a total thyroidectomy. Since then I've had 2 rounds of I131, additional throat and neck tissue removed, and multiple rounds of external beam radiation. In the last 18 months I've had lytic lesions in the pelvis and ribs. Now there are multiple nodules in both lungs and for the first time, the level of chronic discomfort has become pretty significant. My doctors are all urging me to load up on pain killers, but at 51 with a wife and two sons, I'm trying to continue to work part-time. Does anyone know of any experimental protocols that might address the lung / chest tumors? My doctors feel that they have run out of viable treatments to offer but I'm not ready to just give up. Any ideas would be most welcome...

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