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Joined: Dec 2003

I know you all have been lurking around waiting for the next installment of "Nanuk's Northern Chemo Adventure"..
It's a little room, with comfy chairs and nice people, all smiling and meeting thier hard battles. We talk about the latest silver bullet,then bite our own not-so silver bullet.

They filled me up with the metal devil, then installed the 5fu pump and sent me on my way..it's
been about 15 hrs ago, and I'm wide awake-(3:30AM) with a wierd chemical buzz..some hand-feet syndrome, but otherwise tolerable..waiting for the truck to come out of nowhere, and run me over.
My sincere thanks to all of you who responded with
caring and informed support-you are my light. Bud

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Great progress Bud! Take each day as it comes, and in no time you'll be done with chemo...just in time for summer!

Best of everything,


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Up at 3:30 with a chemical buzz on, eh? Reminds me of my college days! (OK... just kidding... maybe)

Doncha love that metalic taste? Sort of brings new meaning to the old term "metal mouth" that used to be applied to folks that wear braces. Funny how it changes with us as we get older!

Hang in there, bro and know that the effects you see (and taste) are indications that the drugs are working in your body - slaying the dragon.

Best regards and wishing I could enjoy some more of the 3:30 chemical buzz...

- Sponge

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Hi Bud,
Sounds like you're tolerating it pretty well. I couldn't even think of going near the computer for about 5 days after my treatments. Just hang in there and take it easy! Take advantage of the time in between your treatments to catch up on things.
Best of luck,

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Hey Bud,
Good news! It is like waiting for both shoes to drop, this chemo side effect stuff. Sounds like it went pretty well for you overall. I hope it's a somewhat enjoyable buzz...we gotta take it where we can get it!! Did you manage the drive back home?? Hope there are no trucks in sight!! Keep on truckin' yourself, More positive thoughts coming your way :-) Judy

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Posts: 1362
Joined: Dec 2003

thanks everybody..it's going on 48 hrs w/o sleep, and I'm still buzzing..maybe it's Emily's juice recipe (?) Every time I hear that pump click, I go
get another glass of water..maybe I'll try brandy next time. (warm, not cold..) Bud

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Posts: 2598
Joined: Apr 2003

Who's Brandy? I should HOPE she's warm!

Posts: 86
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If the pump click is keeping you awake, an old trick is to turn on your radio just enough to mask it. This also works for people with artificial heart valves or spouses who click for whatever reason ! If that doesnt work add some Irish Whisky but for heavens sake, don't tell Emily I told you this !

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HAve you tried melatonin to help you sleep? It's also an awesome anti-oxidant to kill those cancer buggers. Take it only at night tho' when it will shrink your tumor...in the morning it will grow the tumor. Go figure. I am up to 18 mg and I sleep like a baby....good productive sleep with interesting dreams.....

Keep juicing! :-)

peace, emily who only gets a buzz during colonoscopies....wah wah

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I had my second treatment yesterday. It sure kicked me in the butt the first treatment I handled ok drove my self there and back didn't get sick until I got home. But yesterday I threw up and had diarrea all the way home and cont. for about two more hours until I took some amodium and a attvan, I was so cold I had 4 blankets on me. They brought me back in today to give me some fluids as I was really dehydrated, am feeling better tonight I even ate some dinner, I have been walking around with a pair of gloves on as my hands are quit tinkly. tomorrow I get the pump removed. I just hope my next treatment goes better. Good luck on your next one

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Joined: Dec 2003

Hi pattie:
Looks like I'm a week behind you on the same tx protocol; have handled this one OK so far, but I'm afraid it's cumulative..I remember last time I didn't get the full effects until the 3rd or 4th week. This time I took Immodium before the tx, and
haven't had any diarrhea, & no nausea-pump comes
off tomorrow. Whatever they added to the oxaliplatin kept me awake for two days! Have you ever used Kytril for nausea? Also, I'll be removing my own pump, and can't remember which comes first, the saline or the heprin -pretty sure it's the saline first. watch yours and let me know if you get a chance. thanks, Bud

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Joined: Apr 2003

Hi Bud- You are right; flush with saline first, then the heprin.

I get Decadron, dexamethasone, a steroid along with Anzemat IV just before my oxaliplatin to prevent nausea. The nurse told me that was the stuff that caused the sleepless nights.

I have tried Kytril, it did not do a lot for me, Anzemat tablets worked better, but everyone is different. I currently take Emend which works even better than Anzemat for controlling my queasiness that I get on day 3 and 4.


corrine c.
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Hey nanuk - I start my chemo next week. This discussion board is helping me to "prepare". Will check in later.
Corrine C.

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Hey Bud --with you guys tday---someone asked me if the taste was anything like "bottom of cockies cage?"
Ha===more like the middle of a foundry pour for lead ingots--he he
Am doing it tough tday--was relly ill yesterday but have got some hope--I have my LAST session after 6 months of this crap tomorrow===WHOOOPEEEE!!!
be good guys--thinking of you all
kanga and Jen

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Posts: 2598
Joined: Apr 2003


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