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I've been on lupron for 2 years. I've been experiencing severe memory loss, so much so that I wake up confused, not knowing where I am or what I did yesterday or last week. I'll be driving in the car and forget the directions of places I've been thousands of times. My doctor tells me this is a result of depression in combination with the Lupron. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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Yes that is not unusual with Lupron. Suggest that you read "Side Effects from Hormonal therapy" at http://www.prostate-help.org/cahtside.htm .

There is a lot of information on my web site about hormonal therapy see http://tinyurl.com/2tlkc

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You seem to be knowledgeable about hormone drugs. let me ask you: the side effects of Lupron seem so bad to me that if castration would produce the same effect, I would opt for castration. But, does the postrate cancer community of doctors even do castration? I know Lance Armstrong was castrated and his new girl friend doesn't seem to mind. The technical term is orchiotomy, if that is spelled correctly. Any thoughts, anyone? I still don't know how to start a new message.

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I was also on lupron for about 3 yrs. Only side affect I experienced were severe night and day sweats. Took almost 1-1/2 yrs for sweating to go away. Even now on occasion I still break into sweat; no activity involved. I never had any of the symptoms you experienced.

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