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I might be late to this discussion. But are there any people out there that were doing really well on this stuff and then were told that they can't take it anymore? My father is now in Chemo and is doing so badly. He has severe arthritis and going through all the side-effects of Chemo. Could the PC-Spec have been worse than what he is going through now? Who is responsible for taking this off the market? Doctors? Insurace companys? I feel so angry and sad. I just want information.

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Forgive me but I am ignorant on PC-SPEC. I assume there may be others also unaware of what your specific reference is regarding. Can you be more specific and describe this? Is it a drug, treatment or an short acroynm for something?

We, have all had different treatments and variations of cancer but I for one am ignorant.

Please, explain in greater detail what this is that you are so angry with?


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Hi Joe,
I believe she's referring to PC-SPES with an "S" not a "C".

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Hi Joe,
Me again, I alsdo replied to the first message, here's a link to an article on the stuff as to why it was pulled from the market.

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Without a doubt, it sounds like someone has steered you into a "snake oil" treatment regimen. No reputable clinic I'm aware would ever use PC-SPES or HOPE-related anything for cancer treatment.

I suggest you hook up with a major, nationally-known, non-profit cancer center that relies on research-based treatment protocols and routinely administers chemotherapy along with multiple drugs that now exist to reduce toxic side effects. In the following order, I'd suggest M.D. Anderson-Houston (my choice) or M.D. Anderson-Orlando, Sloan-Kettering, and Mayo. Also, the "arthritis" you mentioned sounds like classic symptoms of bone metastases.

Good Luck,


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