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trying to cope (also new to site)

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Hi. I was operated on 2 years ago for stage iv ovca. 3 weeks ago I was operated on again and they removed my omentum. My surgeon asked me why they didn't remove the omentum when they did the hysterectomy 2 years ago, does anyone know why they wouldn't have removed it when they did the hysterectomy?

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Welcome to this site. I also had OVCA and a hysterectomy, omentum and lymph nodes. I don't know why they wouldn't have removed the omentum in the first place. But tell me, did they do that this time because of a recurrence? Will you need to go through chemo again? Please keep in touch. This is a wonderful way to get support and answers to questions. If nothing else, it's at least nice to have someone to converse with and lift your spirits a little and give you hope. We'd all love to know how you are doing. My prayers are with you.

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I am a stage 3c ovarian cancer survivor and not sure why they didn't remove omentum the first time. Was it contained to your ovaries the first time? I know the more they remove the more scar tissue and that makes any future surgeries not easy to do, could of been it. Are you recieving chemo now? If you were Stage4 before it is hard to imagine why they would have left it in. My cancer had spread to my liver, abdomen, spleen, colon, tumors were wrapped around my apendix - so they had no choice but to take everything they could. You are at the right site and if there is anything we can do to support you just let us know. BonnieRose

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Was your original surgery for OVCA, or was it undetermined when the surgeon went in? Was it performed by a gynecological oncologist? This might sound basic, but it may answer why they didn't remove the omentum.

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They removed mine they also removed my appendix, which I didnt know until I got the bill lol. I'm really surprized they didn't remove yours especilly if you were stage 4. God Bless You I hope things go well. I am reading a great book by Joyce Meyer The Battle Belongs To The Lord it has really blessed me Janq

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