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Life styles of those with tonsil cancer

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I would like to know how many of you who have been diagnosed with tonsil cancer play a wind instrument and if so, how often? I didn't smoke and my drinking was moderate or maybe a little above average - I do like my wine! --EST

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I am 8 weeks out of my neck resection for tonsil/soft palate cancer, and have played tenors sax and flute for 37 years (I'm 48 now). I am not sure I want to do the radiation followup, due to possible side effects (dry mouth, loss of taste), so I'm researching my chances of following up with alternative treatment. I smoked pot for 30 years (daily) but was able to quit easily once I was diagnosed. I played my flute the other day, but had to have my wife hold my nose due to air escaping. Anyway, thought I would reply since we are in a similar situation.

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I too smoked pot daily. I wonder if that had anything to do with it? I am 3 weeks out now and feel great. Still get real cold now and then and was fighing a little drepession. But that seems to be going away as time passes. I did not play an interument however.

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