"down under"

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Hullo to you all.I guess I qualify for a "lurker" too.I have been looking for ages for a great site to chat with others-as you call us-"semicolons" and hope you will accept me into your group.
As you will see from my nickname I come from AUSSIE.
I am male/ 47 years "young" -have a loving wife of 30 years and 3 adult children-2 boys-1 girl.
I was diag. with cancer of the ascending colon(just above the sigmoid) in july 2003.I had a "high anterior resection" to remove approx. 1/3 of my bowel.3 growths were found prior to the op. after going through the usual tests, one of which was malignant--the other 2 benign.
I have been on 5fu/leu. for the past 5 months.--;5 days a week with 3 weeks inbetween for recovery.I start my final session on monday(thankfully)
I have been lucky not to lose ny hair although it did thin considerably.My main side-effects have been--the metallic taste/ nausea/ mouth ulcers/tiredness and fatigue.
My last oncologist report was good--only a 20% chance of secondaries, so I guess it is the waiting game-hopefully the further tests will result in no more cancers.
Mentally I am not too bad as I keep telling myself that others are in worse shape but it still doesn't make things any easier.
I confess to lurking and what I have seen here has truly inspired me to join you all--love/comfort and support is greatly showing in your wonderfull group!
ps---to prove my sincerity--I am male--I DO cry---AND--I AM very scared!
my blessings and best wishes to you all!