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tests results

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Hi semi-colons all,

Today as many of you know was my follow-up at Mayo Clinic that I do every 6 months. Today was blood work, chest x-ray, and CT scan.


My oncologist was so happy but told me I cause him so much stress that he was ready to pass me off on another doctor! haha! I mean how can he explain that I have remained cancer free without having had to do his chemo? I'm not good for business ya know what I mean?

He is healing from cancer himself and so last May I gave him my book list and his wife actually ordered them and he READ them!! I was so proud of him. Makes him think.....I may convert him yet! lol

Oh for those who may not know I said no to chemo and have only done alternative medicine. I was Stage 3 lymph positive too.

We are all praising God (wouldn't mind the chocolate too) tonight.

So not mets, no recurrence, no nothin'!

Thank you for being here with me.

peace, emily the survivor doggone it!

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Lisa Rose
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Congratulations Emily !!!


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Dear Emily.

Yeah! Keep the good news coming! Congratulations, that is totally awesome. I'm so very, very happy for you and I hope you are having a great time celebrating.

Lots of love and warm fuzzy thoughts,

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What good news, Emily, and good for your doctor that he is able to broaden his view. This sure is quite a journey we are all on; and thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement. Keep juicin', Judy

Anonymous user (not verified)

Em, I came back to the board this evening hoping that you had posted. All I can say is HIP HIP HURRAY>>>>>>HIP HIP HURRAY!!!!!! I am so thrilled...two pieces of good news in one day. I feel blessed. You keep on juicin girl...heck, you've got me doing it.

Warm and fuzzy hugs your way.

Monika, who is smiling tonight in California and praying Mama turns out okay and hoping it isn't too much to ask for. ((((((HUG))))))

P.S. By the way Emily, I don't know if you ever read my reply to your post of "where abouts" in Germany Bert is from, but if you didn't he was born in Magdeburg. Got out before the wall went up and pretty much raised in Duesseldorf/Essen area. I myself was born in Heidelberg (german parents) but left the country at age 5 when folks moved to Ottawa, Canada and grew up there. Now out west in So Cal. :-)

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Thanks so much for the hugs! Will be sending up prayers for your Mutti.

I did see the post. I have been to Dusseldorf to hop on the Rhone river trip with my eurail pass. I don't remember if I have ever been to Essen or not. Before we were married we took a trip to Hamburg and on up to the Nordsee. My hubby was stationed in Heidelberg before we met. What prompted your folks to move to Ottawa?

peace, emily the hausfrau

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Emily: It's time to capitolize on juicing, etc. and
write a book..I'm sure it would be a best seller..
Congratulations, and please keep posting..please share your regimen and book list before you become famous.. Bud

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Hey Bud,

Actually funny you should mention that....I already started a book and have the intro, preface and about 4 chapters done so far. But then I put it on hold since I kinda wanted to see how this all played out myself, ya know? So it will be done someday when I feel I can exhale and actually believe that the mass murderer is gone for good.

I have a title and everything but haven't searched for a publisher yet. Know any? lol

thanks for the support

peace, emily who has yet to wipe the smile off her face

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Ahoy, em -

FELICIDADES!! I'm so happy for you. You need to go out and celebrate with a big steak dinner and chocolate mousse (just kidding, of course)

You know Bud is right - you SHOULD write a book. Or better yet, you should audition for the next Survivor. I think it would be such an inspirational thing to see you on the show - it would probably convert thousands - plus you would probably kick @$$!

A lil something to consider as you glow with glee...

- SB

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Thanks Sponger,

Do you know that I have never even watched the show??!! (too busy on here every night haha) How would I juice out in the bush? But seriously I think it would be cool to do something momentous as a CANCER SURVIVOR kinda like the guy who had diabetes and ran the Ironman Triatholon to prove it could be done. Maybe we can think of something.

peace, emily the cheshire cat

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What WONDERFUL news.. Congrats. Keep up the good work and let us know when that book arrives and where we can attend the signing. I think we should all receive signed copies.. Seriously God Bless you and congratulations.

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Hey thanks!

Not only will you all get signed copies but the Semi-colon Club will definitely be mentioned in it!

Kiss and tell.....

I'm just tickled y'all think I really should write a book or are you just humoring me? :-)

peace, emily dickenson

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I am SO happy for you (and your husband, and your kids, and everyone else in your life!)

What a wonderful relief that all your efforts have paid off! Good for you!!!!!!!!



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