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I had a gastric bypass in August of 2002 and everything was fine. I became frustrated because I wasn't strinking evenly. I complained about that for about 4 months and finally it was decided that I had a hernia and they did a cat scan and suddenly I had stage 4 ovarian cancer. I've had my surgery and and am on my last treatment of taxol and carbo. I will then be starting a monthly treatment of taxol. This has hard but not as bad as I thought it would be. The gastric bypass has made treatment more difficult because of my small stomach. I owe everything to the Lord and live each day as a gift from Him. Does anyone know how the monthly treatments of taxol will last? Also will my hair grow back while on the monthly treatments?

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Hi CK,

Sorry to hear you have OVCA...I was diagnosed stage 3 in Sept of 2002. I am taking the monthly Taxol consolidation treatments. I have 3 more to go. It is not bad, I do get tired but thats about it. Well, I have neuropathy in my feet. They feel a little numb. They seem to get better right before the next treatment is due. My hair started growing even while on the Taxol chemo. It grows very slowly and is on the thin side but I do not have to wear a wig!

My doc told me it would not grow so yours may not... but hey you never know!

This is a nice place to come, hope to see you posting!

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So sorry to hear of your situation. But you have come to the right place for caring and support! I had total hysterctomy, omentum and lymph node removal in March 2000. Had 6 heavy treatments of Carbo/Taxol. As of last report I am still cancer free! My hair did not come back until I was done with treatments, but as in the previous reply, you may be different. I am curious to find out if there is a connection between gastric bypass and cancer. A friend of ours just passed away. She had gastric bypass and later was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Just wondered if there's a connection. But I'm glad it was discovered for you and you can receive treatments and move on with your life. Prayers are with you. Keep in touch!

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