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i need info please

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My Aunt has stage IV colon cancer. She has just recently been given a two month life span. She got a 2nd opinion and was encouraged to under go treatment. The chemo is making her deathly ill. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what may help? Some kind of food that will help through the moments of nausea?

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Ahoy, amarsh -

First let me say you are doing a wonderful thing for your aunt by seeking out information. Second, let me say that you should NOT listen to people who feel they can impose a span on someone's life. There are plenty of folks right here in this discussion who are living proof that the "experts" are often wrong when they tell you how long you've got. You live every day and enjoy it - you treat people with kindness and respect and try to bring joy to the world every day, because who knows - tomorrow you may get hit by a beer truck.

Anyway - on to your aunt's nausea - everyone responds to chemo differently. Are they giving her any ant-emetics? Medicines that help quell nausea like compazine? That's the first thing to check on. How is she getting her chemo? Is it by a bolus (like an injection - all at one shot) or is it by infusion (she wears a little fanny pack with a pump and stays "hooked-up" for a week or so)?

Can she eat at all? What is she eating? Sometimes a diet change can help - switching to more carbs (just watch out for sugar - that feeds cancer as many here will tell you) may help with the nausea.

Very important - make sure she drinks LOTS of water! Being ill will cause dehydration and that's a bad thing. That will get the chemo yanked ASAP.

I probably asked more questions than I gave answers, but, like I said, everyone is different. Work with her and her doc to try anti-emetics, check her diet, drink lots of water, and I know I bought a case of tums when I did chemo!

Hang in there and keep at it. It may ease off as her body gets used to it.

Best regards

- SpongeBob

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Welcome and like SB said it is great that you are searching for information for your aunt. My hubby was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in Sept 2003 and had the surgery to remove cancer. It had spread to liver, lung and nodes. The Dr. said he was not God and had no idea how long he would survive. I know one fella who had cancer and the day he was told he was cancer free had a car wreck on the way home and was killed. So we just NEVER know. Think positive and feed her with positive information. My hubby is doing the chemo and after only three treatments the cancer shrunk 50%! Everyone was amazed and very happy. We will find out soon about the other 50% but we are sure we can slay the dragon with positive thinking and prayer.
As for the nausea... He suffers with it bad. They have given him anti-nausea drugs that work some. Mostly he sleeps to keep from being sick. He hasn't lost much weight and makes himself eat. He mostly eats dry toast and oranges. He makes it thru by looking at his daughter (8 years old) and knowing he is "required" by me to walk her down the asile at her wedding!!! something to strive for!
Remember there is hope and the medical community has made great advances with cancer in the past few years.
Sorry to keep rambling but hang in there. and remember this is a great place for support and information. Since I have found this place I have been able to cope as the caregiver. Stay with us and let us know how things are going.
God Bless..

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Yes, definitely talk to the Dr. There are many anti-nausea meds, I think I've tried them all. My doc kept trying until something worked. I could give you a list of the meds I take if you like. I also took a homeopathic pill, suggested by my doc. Salty foods seem to help also...pretzels, crackers.
I hope this helps. Good luck with your aunt.

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