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perineural invasion

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I had a radical prostatectomy about 7 months ago. I recently saw a copy of my biopsy report and it indicated that there was perineural invasion. My doctor said that this is nothing to worry about. I was wondering if anyone out there knows anything about perineural invasion and its significance in regard to prostate cancer recurrance?

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Re: your question "does anybody know anything about perineural invasion?... Yes, your doctor does. I would suggest you press him on an full answer and also pursue more information from another doctor if necessary.

Any doctor that tells us "not to worry about it", and does not answer completely and in a full professional manner, is questionable at the least.

To start, look up "perineural" in Websters dictionary.

Second, type "perineural cancer" or different versions in the "SEARCH" BOX ABOVE.

Thirdly,it would imply from Websters by definition, that you may want to be at the very least inquisitive.

Hope other memebers can contribute first hand information regarding this, as I personally would not allow any doctor to sluff us off.

God Bless,

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Billy D.,
Your question interested me. I found that doing a websearch "medical glossary,perineural" took me to your answer and much more. Give it a try and be discerning on all that you read.

It is a wealth of information, education but, YOU will ultimately have to make the decision.

Stay in touch.

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Hi Billy,
Don't wish to scare you, but I had the exact same situation as you & my doctor also said "don't worry about it". Well I didn't & then later found out that the nerves are a major avenue of escape for the cancer cells! Mine lasted for a little over 3 years with psa levels at 0.1 then started to rise.Underwent 36 radiation treats because "it was probably in the prostrate region". They didn't work either & I'm now on hormonal therapy. BUT I'm still alive 6 yrs down the road and glad of it!
Wishing you well, Benji

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Thank you for your input. I referred Billy D. to appropriate web sites in the hope he would see the need to puruse this asap.

I am finding more and more that there are to many of us that accept what the "doctor" tells us and do not challange them.
They are human, their capabilities vary from Doctor to Doctor as well their skill and experience. Hopefully, we can keep challanging our brethern to take charge of their own lives and make informed decisions.

Best Regards,
Joe (Nutt)

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Go to my prostate cancer web site and you will find some answers there. The Gateway to all I do is at http://www.prostate-help.net. All non-commercial, no ads and what I have done as a prostate cancer patient to help others. I also have a number of Discussion Groups and Chat rooms where you can ask questions. It is all there at the Gateway.

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