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Please look at this web site and tell my what you think. It is called Geniprobe Corporation they're in partnership with NHL foundation. It is the cutting edge of research for nhl a vacine therapy to prolong remission and extend survival. My husband 68 has nonhodgkins lymphoma stage 4 in his bone marrow and is currently in remission. I think he could be a good candidate for this. It is too long to explain. If you just go to the website I said in the above you can read and see how promissing it looks. Pls let me know your thoughts. Thank you. lehya

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Vacine is still in trial stage, and your husband won't be guaranteed to be getting the vacine, but some people are doing well with it -- the only problem is your husband's prior treatments. If he has had CHOP or rituxan, then he won't be elegible for this trial. Good luck on your decisions regarding future treatments.

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Hi Leyha, I am trying to find out about treatments other than CHOP for my Mum who has just been diagonsed with Mantel Cell Lymphoma (NHL) stage 4. She has it in the bone marrow, spleen, chest and lymph nodes. I saw your note regarding a website but couldn't find a reference to the website you mentioned (I'm new to the chatroom). Would like to have a look to read more about the vaccine therapy you mentioned. I hope your husband is still in remission. Jacq - Melbourne Australia.

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Found this and thought it might be the information you were looking for... http://www.genitope.com/trials.html
Genitope Corporation - Clinical Trials

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I have NHL Mixed Cell Follicular - Level 2 - Stage 4, being in several lymph nodes and bone marrow involvement. I am currently in watch and wait and my Dr. is setting me up for the Genitope Idiotype Vaccine Study. Which is the same one it seems that you are talking about. It sounds good, but it is a blind study meaning that 2 out of 3 people get the real vaccine and the 3rd doesn't. Let me know if he goes into it and what the outcome is please. thanks Debbie. Best of Luck and may God be with you both.

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