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hi... i'm 24 and feel weird talking about this because none of my friends/parents understand what is going on with me.

last july i had a biopsy and it came back as VIN-3. i had laser surgery and figured i was done. i had an abnormal pap in november and they did some biopsies on my cervix. the results were negative for everything, so they said my cervix was just inflammed. i just got back from my follow-up vulvar colpo for my laser surgery and they said that they think i might have HIV because i had VIN-3 at such a young age.

is anyone here dealing with VIN-3 at a young age?

any comments are appreciated.

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Hi - I was diagnosed at 37, not nearly as young as you. I've never heard of vulvar cancer being connected with HIV. Please let me know what developes. I hope your tests come back negative for HIV. My thoughts are with you. If you need to talk, just click on the mail icon at the bottom and email me. I'm always available to help.

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I'm 32 and just been diagnosed with VIN 3. Just learning about it as well. Seems like it's unusual for younger women to get it - so maybe they thought your immune system is weak. Your post is quite old so not sure what your update would be. If you were open to it I would love to speak to you.


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