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gamma knife

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Hi all,
I stumbled across this discussion group just today. I am writing to you all the way from Denmark. My father was diagnosed with GBM IV in November 2002. He has already survived 1 year and 2 months thanks to radiotherapy and termodar, which he is currently taking. In December 2002 he was not doiing well, with almost total loss of speech and ability to spell. He also had trouble controlling the right leg and right arm. Now, he still has trouble speaking and can´t spell, but it is so much better. We even managed at trip to Cuba this Christmas. During the past 2 weeks, he hass been getting a little bit worse, and the tumor has grown a little. The doctors suggested the gamma knife treatment, but apparently it can cause severe side effects. I would like to know of any experiences, that you may have had with this treatment or others. I am glad I stumbled across this website, hearing your stories gives me strength to keep fighting.

Thank you
Line, Denmark

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Here is a website that houses many different gamma knife sites........http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=gamma+knife&btnG=Google+Search.

I have GBM stage 4, but have not used the gamma knife. I do know a man at my church that used the knife, and he seems to be doing fine.

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