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Welcome all New Semi-colons!!

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So a few new members have had the courage to surface and join the club. WELCOME!

We'd have you go through initiation rites but the zapping, the chemo, the bags attached to your gut, the diarhea, the scars complete the gauntlet. I was able to skip most of the gauntlet...went right to the scars...but they let me join anyway.

I will officially introduce myself in case you have joined in the middle of the conversation:

I am Stage 3, lymph pos sigmoid colon cancer survivor. My sister died 11 years ago of intestinal cancer so when I got my diagnosis I decided to choose a different path to healing....all alternatives. You may go to my webpage here for the details if you wish and see the photo of me and my baby girl---one of my 5 reasons to live. I am only 42 was 39 at dx and have 2 1/2 yrs of cancer free under my belt. I homeschool some of my kids, live with my hubby and kids on a farm, I dogsled (live in the North--let it snow!!), ski, bike, hike, camp and spend way too much time hanging out here! What's your story?

We need eachother and I am so glad you all come here and help create the beautiful tapestry that is woven when each of you shares your survivor story no matter if you are the family member or survivor.

So any other lurkers out there just waiting to jump in a join please step up and introduce yourself.

peace, emily the welcome wagon whacko

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Thank you, Emily. You're an inspiration! I've learned through you and others on this site that attitude, determination, education and taking an active role in your own treatment makes a big difference. Thanks for your bravery, sense of humor and support. Most importantly, thank you for showing us that this disease CAN BE BEAT!

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I'm SpongeBob, I'm a Virgo, I like long walks on the beach, ......


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Lisa Rose
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That was a great welcome and introduction of yourself. Now give us the juice " did I say juice" how was your R&R weekend with hubby? I hope it was a good one!


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I am new to the semi-colons. Thanks spongeBob for your comments, response and support to my initial email. This is a great group, you offer support, sympathy, encouragement and a good 'ole sounding board for all the frustrations, depressions and anger associated with colon cancer. Thansks to all of you. You are the best (besides my wonderful family). The best to all of you. Kerry

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Emily you are SO pro-active I can hardly stand it! (hee hee)...

I too have noticed a lot of new names on this site...I think it's good that everyone can come here for support...but it makes me realize how many people truly are affected by this pain in the butt...literally and figuratively!

I think the majority of us have completed web pages, which helps figure out who the regulars are (again, pun kinda intended). Education is the main source of inspiration in getting through this whole ordeal. And although ignorance is bliss, ignorance is not healthy. Early detection and staying on top of new developments needs to be a top priority.

I can honestly say it's really comforting to stop in here once in a while to share thoughts and opinions with people who TOTALLY understand everything associated with this situation (I don't like to call it a disease...sounds too sickly!). There is hope and inspiration for everyone here, and like Jell-O, always room for more...

Best of health for everyone,


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Found you! Thanks Emily for the directions and the welcome. This looks like a really great, supportive board - lots of humor and lots of hope. Just what the doc... err - healer ordered :)

My husband has stage 4 rectal cancer and a permanent coloscopy 4 months ago. It was big and it was in the lymph nodes but nowhere else - then. Now the follow up CT scans, PET scans have been contradictory, his oncologist is totally negative - seems almost disappointed hubby feeling so good (except for hating the new plumbing and dealing with an incision hernia) so we decided we are going to go a different route to chemo, seeing as the oncologist gave him no hope anyway (don't these **&%#! have any comprehension of the power of the mind and emotions on the immune system and healing with their negative attitues???) We are just getting started on this however he's been taking bloodroot based on some personal testemonies and the pain and weakness in his shoulder that the oncologist insisted was bone cancer has totally disappeared. Coincidence? The mind? The bloodroot? Something else like arthritis? (Bone scan "activity" can be other things too) Whatever - it's gone - he's back flying again (on forest fires) with no problems handling the controls with that arm - and it requires strength.

We feel lucky that he only had 2 sessions of chemo before we decided that pumping the body full of chemical poisons and degrading the immune system just didn't make sense for us. Maybe he doesn't have long, but at least he's got some quality this way.

"Semi-colons" LOVE it :D


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Hi I am new here..I have been reading alot. Not sure what to say but HI... Judy

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