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Low blood count and cramps?

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Hi! I have/had cervical cancer. It has been 1yr 4mo from treatment. My counts have still remained down and the Dr can't seem to figure it out. A few months ago a started having cramps-like menstrual cramps. They don't seem to know what that is about either. Has anyone experenced any thing like this? What do you do to help with the continual fatigue? Thanks Bunches!

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Try coral (more readily absorbed by the body)calcium! If your blood's pH isn't right, you can't absorb the iron your body needs to produce blood cells.

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It has been thirteen months since I completed treatment. I also have severe menstrual cramps and have recently started to have a period again, despite the fact I have gone through menopause and no longer have any ovaries! I take B-12 shots every three months to help with the fatigue. If you don't like shots, there is also a nasal gel called Nascobal that is taken once a week. The only advice I have for the cramps are to get some good pain pills, I can give you some suggestions if you're interested.

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