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Hello, I am a 25 year survivor of Hodgkins. when i was first diagnosed my son was 3 weeks old and there had been effective treatments for only one year! i was sure i was going to die and never see my son grow up. he is now 25 and a fine young man. one of the things i found most helpful was a book called "getting well again" by dr's simonton and simonton. it is still published and many of you probably have it. i still have my copy and turn to it now and then. if any of you wish to be in touch my email is
mcchart@yahoo.com. feel free to contact me. god bless. you CAN do it.

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It was so great to see your message, we both are very long term survivors ( 26 years for me) and we both know how scared these young people are. they need to know they can make it just like we did.

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hi! my name is amy iam 29 yrs old. i was diagnosed with hodgkins disease when i was 28yrs old and my son was 6weeks old. he is going to be 2 this april iam so grateful for him, if i did't have him around i would never been able to get out of bed in the moring while going thru treament and dealing with cancer at such a young age. i just found this webpage and its great hope to hear from you again


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