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Moms dealing with child's cancer

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Hello everyone,my son was diagnoised with cancer @age 18 mos. He is now 9 and a 7 year survivor of Rhabdomyoscarcoma. I would like to hear your stories and how your children are doing. Joey is now grasping the meaning of what actually happened to him and asking questions, boy does that bring up the old well of pain in me...but I believe he should understand. Hope to hear from anyone who wants to chat about Rhabdo. Lisa

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Hi there... I saw your message here, and although I'm not a mother of a survivor, I am in fact a survivor myself. I had rhabdo when I was 6 years old, and went through two years of chemo and radiation. I can certainly understand your feelings about your son's question regarding his treatment, and how that brings up so much old pain. Despite that hurt though, I personally believe by giving him all the answers you can about his illness and his recovery, it will help to shape his outlook and perspective on life. Although I was much older when I was diagnosed, I found the information about my treatment so helpful to understanding what is really a life changing experience. I am now 23 years old, and in the best health of my life. Now a healthy 23 year old is not unusual to most, but considering my history I better understand how lucky I am. Just my two cents... I hope you and your son continue to do well! -- Jeff

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Hi, my son was diagnoised with Rhabdomyosarcoma, stage 3 in the pelvic area in May 2002. He is now, March 31, 2003 (God willing) 1 year in remission. I have been looking for a survivor and could not find one. He is now 6, I just need to know there are people out there who have beat this.

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Hi I can relate with you. my daughter was born with a sarcoma, and she is now 15 years old actually she will be 16 in May. I don't know what your sons protocol was but, my daughter received high doses of radiation and six different protocols of chemotherapy. Althought I don't like re-living it either, I took her back to the place that she was treated and introduced her to her doctors and she really appreciated it they sat down with her and explained everything to her it was great. Althought my daughter has issues that she has to deal with now, I guess you call them the after cancer affects she learned to understand and accept her condition. right now I'm trying to get information on the affects of surger on bone that has been radiated so if anyone can lead me to the right direction I would really appreciate it. If you like I can have my daughter email or write to your son. You do know that he can attend camp sunshine where he will meet children his age with similar problems. you can email me if you like at emilyd@knology.net. God Bless.

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please help me..my grandson, 22 months is currently on chemo..his is in the lung, rib cage,outside the lung wrapped around veins, arteries....what lies ahead of us........will he make this journey? we are all doing the best we can but would like to hear from others.

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