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Prostate and Bladder Cancer

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Hi, Everyone!

My X husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer in August of 2001. He decided to go with a holostic approach to treating it rather than the conventional medical methods available. (I know. STUPID! But I could NOT get him to budge no matter how much I begged him to get treatment.) He recently had blood in his urine. The doctor found polyps in his bladder. They were biopsied and he now has bladder cancer along WITH his prostate cancer.

He had believed that he had *time* with regard to trying unconventional approaches to treating his own PC since PC is known to be a slow moving cancer. However, he'd waited over 2 years to do anything about the PC.

Is it possible that the PC spread to his bladder? I should think so but I guess I'm just looking for anyone's input regarding this. I know virtually nothing about cancer.

He is 63 years old and had always been in good health. I am 45 years old and, as I'd mentioned, I am his X wife. Our divorce was final in October 2003.

Thanks in advance!


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I`m 57 and my wife is 43, I hope my fate is better than your husbands. divorce thankfully isn`t in the cards. I also had bladder and prostrate removed the 12th of Jan. 2004

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