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Looking for Hope/Survivors

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My mom was diagnosed with stage 3, locally advanced PC; whipple not an option since tumor is wrapped around arteries. My family and I are looking for hope and/or survivor stories. ANy help out there. . .please?

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pamkir: Same exact situation here. If you hear any messages of hope, please pass on. I'll do the same. Take care of yourself so you can take care of your mom. AS

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Hello, mine was in the body and was also around an artery, they did a resection of 2/3 rds. of my pancreas, took my sleen, and took a artery from my leg and removed on from the pancreas to the liver. That was in July, I'm still going through chemo, but I'm still here!!

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I too am looking for hope. my mom has pc... just recently diagnosed in february.
a person's will and hope seem to be the ocmmon thread of survival ....

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