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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.


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I have just been diagnosed with lymphoma. I am scared. I have 2 babies to care for

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Sorry to hear the bad news. My daughter was a year and half when I was first dignosed. If you weren't scared, you'd probably be mentally ill. Just take one day at a time. Educate yourself, make the best decisions you can and hope for the best.

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I'll pray for you, I don't even know you, however I feel the connection already. What do I do if she won't seek treat ,she refuses

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It is a very scary thing to hear the word cancer and that you are the one who has it. I was told I had hodgkins disease December 2002. I have two sons 6 and 8 at the time of diagnosis. If there is one thing I can tell you is to make sure to get all the facts you can about everything and make sure you have people who can help you. You will most likely need to have a support system to help take care of your babies. I was lucky I had my sister. Take care, try to be as informed as possible and try to have a sense of humor, it is what got me through, along with faith. All my best goes out to you and your family. Sandi

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I'm so sorry. I was diagnosed at 21 and know how scared you must be. But remember all fear stems from ignorance. Not knowing what's in store for you or being uncertain of your future is what can keep you up at night. Don't be afraid to ask your doctor a thousand questions. You may want to join a support group to meet other people who have been through it. And know that this is a beatable cancer. Many here can testify to that. My heart goes out to you and your family. Good luck.

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i'm sorry to hear your bad news. i am 19 years old and i have a 2 year old son. i was diagnosed about 2 months ago. i know it's hard but you just have to have faith and you'll get through it. i have been.

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I'm sorry to hear that.In August I completed my treatment for hodgkins. If this helps, I was told it's VERY curable...Just make sure you get treatment at a facility that specializes in treating cancer. It makes a big difference.

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My sister was diagnosed with Stage 4 hodgkins in Sept. 1995. She had it everywhere neck, chest pelvis, abdomen and bone marrow. she was 26 at the time she took 6 months of chemo every 2 weeks. she has been in remisson ever since. and is now considered cured. Good luck to you mysister did very well. I hope you will too.

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I was diagnosed just as I was about to send my youngest off to kindergarten. My kids are 8,7 and 5. I have a wonderful husband and the support of my parents, friends and members of my church who would be there whenever I needed it. Don't be afraid to ask and not too proud to receive the gifts you are given. You will make it.

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Hi ICMom:

I just read your question, and I want to tell you that I felt the same way. I was diagnosed w/ Hodgkins August 2003, one month before I was to start college. I have had 8 cycles of chemo., and although I am fatigued, it is not a death sentence. I still continue to go to school, and aside from losing my hair, I have maintained. It is a difficult process, however, I was told that this is a highly treatable cancer. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me. Take care.


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I was diagnosed with hodgkins lymphoma stage 2b in November 2002 at the age of 41. I also have 3 children that still are dependent on me.

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I'm currently being treated for Stage IIB, nodular sclerosing, 42 yr old Mom, two kids, 4 and 8. Started treatment on 1/5. I know how scared you are, I remember, and I still worry. If you believe in God, he'll take care of you. You have to believe and pray. Also, take EVERYONE up on their offers to help, do NOT be proud. They want to help, and it makes them feel good. My friend has been dealing with cancer for 8 years and I feel so good when she lets me bring her dinner. Take any and all offers, really, especially since your kids are young.
Get a book by Bernie Segal, MD, called, Love, Medicine and Miracles and Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul, they are both great. And DIG DOWN DEEP-gut it out, you can do it! Always fantasize about your life a year from now, being healthy and happy and enjoying every inch. You will have some crummy days, and it will make you appreciate your great days so much. The success rate with this cancer is amazingly good, you'll be one of them. chin up, you'll do just fine.

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I just wanted to know how the chemo is going I was diagnosed with the same stage two years ago in July. I finished chemo in February of 2003. So far my ct scans and my blood counts are good. I too had a yound child my daughter was 1 1/2 years old. I really relied on my family to get me throuh it.

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