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Burning sensation????

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Has anyone experienced a burning sensation under the ribcage on both sides of the body? If so, can you tell me what it was?

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I have and am a ovca survivor. The Drs can't find any reason for it. I mostly have it on my right side and so they suspect it is gallbladder but tests show nothing. They also said it could come from my back so maybe have your vertabrae looked at especially because you have it on both sides. Sorry not much help.

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Ask them about neuropathy. I had it in my hands, feet, arms, and other areas. It creates a burning, painful sensation. Sometimes I felt like I wanted to massage my feet, hands and arms. But then when my husband would touch them I could have screamed in pain. Then the burning would be so bad that I felt as though I wanted to apply ice to them, but just touching it was painful. Neuropathy is a direct side effect of the chemo. It will lessen after treatments are completed but they say it may never go away completely. I, on the other hand, researched it and began taking B-6, 100-300mg daily. It substantially reduced the problem. Also, L-Glutamine is helping. If you can't get info on the net, let me know.
Good luck and I'll be praying for you!

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Thanks mopar and Bonnie for the input.

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