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tell me if there is hope

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posted a message yesterday on my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer..been reading all of your messages and reply's..gone to the cancer specialest today and they did not answer alot of my questions..the only answer is my husband had 6-8months to live and an wipple was not the answer..only info: I recieved from the doctor is tumor in pancreas is 2cm. and 3 nodes, and cancer cells in the abdominal region..no stage,no blood count no nothin.we went to the hillman center in pittsburgh..that's the closest to were we live in western pa..I can't under stand why the wipple will not be done and the abdominal region taken a better look at..Doctor was not very in depth maybe 10 min he talked to us at tops..had a lot of questions but no answers..
Can anyone advise me where to go to get another opion..thinking about John Hopkins ..I am desperate to say the least and me and my husband are not willing to go down this easy...ANYTHING would be helpfull at this point..I want for my husband to be a survivor so I can talk to you guys

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There is always hope and miracles. I'm sorry to say we prayed for one but the miracle wasn't there. Pancreatic cancer spreads very quickly. Try John Hopkins...my husband went to Lombardi Cancer in DC. This type of cancer has a tendency to starve individuals. My husband's was in the head of the pancrease, then spread to the deodeum (stomach exit) He had bypass surgery to allow him to eat and be more comfortable. He was in a clinical trial for a short time and had very strong chemotherapy but to no avail. I suggest a good high protein diet, complex carbohydrates, ProSure (you have order, its specially formulated for cancer patients)This type of cancer feeds on sugar. My husbands' cancer spread to the liver, and surgery was not an option. He had pancreatitis 9/02, should have had endoscopic exam to find out why, they might have found it sooner, went to Georgetown to late. He died almost 1 year to the day after the first pancreatitis attack. He never gave up hope...but we did prepare ourselves and our family. PANCAN is pancreatic cancer action network has an excellent web site and Newsletter. Many friends, co-workers have donated funds to this group. We need to find a cure for this deadly disease. He was 52. My prayers are with you and don't give up hope!

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Definitely go to PanCan online and get their 1-866 number. They can answer all your questions.

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I would be very interested to hear more about your husband. What were his symptoms that made him seek medical treatment??

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Hi it is me Reene. I would like to give you my email address dorkel67@msn.com I tried your email susmar@roadlynx.com and it didn't work. So if you want to email me, I can also respond that way.
thanks. Reene

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Susanann: Try the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. More focus on treating the whole person, not just the cancer. (800) FOR-HELP or www.cancercenter.com. My prayers are with you. AS

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Susanann; Yes there is hope. My pc started at the head and my doctor performed a modified whipple and I will be clean for 18 years on the 27th of this month. There is a cancer center in Buffalo NY and also Boston MA that can do this surgery. Both are very good and I will try to get more info for you.
Don't give up hope.
I am here to help and to listen anytime and answer any questions I can for you.

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Yes there is hope. I had a whipple 6 months ago and i feel alot better for it. I also had a tumor in the head of the pancreas and the pathology report said it had gone into one of the nodes. Whan they opperate they also remove the nodes around the area. I would not delay in getting a second opinion and i would reccomend a PET scan so that you can determine exactly were the cancer is and if it has spread. It is the best diagnostic tool for staging the cancer and then your in a whole different ball game. I know its frusterating. Because there is little to no information out there and the "experts" are so busy that when you finally get in to see them you forget half your questions. Virginia Mason in seattle is great,so is UCLA,.

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