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Surgery Went Well

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Hello everyone. My surgery went well. I was in surgery for 3 hours. The dr had a hard time removing left side and had to transplant the parathyroid glands. The surgery was not as bad as I had anticipated. I am still very sore. I had no voice at first but it is now almost completely normal again. I have not gotten the results back from the pathologist yet so I am still hoping for no cancer. The doctor said it looked cancer to him but even though it looks that way, there is still a large percentage that it wont be. He said the mass was solid and larger than they thought which means it had grew since the ultrasound. I am back to work half days. Today is my first day back. I am trying to wear a turtle neck so nobody has to look at my wound but I am so uncomfortable. They may just have to look at it. To heck with being polite I feel like I am being choked. HaHa.. My husband was so awesome! He waited on me hand and foot. The kids were also great. My Dad took my son for 4 days so that was a great help. I love my Dad!! Although I realize now that I am not going to die from this it was very scary. I just want to thank all of you for your support and answering all my questions. The synthroid has given me some energy I didnt know I had. I am glad for that. I hope it lasts. I am taking calcium six times a day until I see the Doctor on the 29th that is a little frusterating. Hopefully the glands will produce more on their own. The doctor said two of them were damaged pretty bad but the other two looked really good. I had a nerve that was intwined in the thyroid gland that was very hard to keep from damaging and in the process of getting it removed two of the parathyroid glands were damaged. The doctor said the two alone should produce enough that I wont have to take the calcium forever. Has anyone else had this happen? And more good news I have lost 4 pounds!!! Probably from all the soup. I had some great nurses too thank goodness. I had one that had her thyroid removed. She had lost her mom to thyroid cancer. She said her mom had the rarest kind. I also lost my mom but I lost her to a heart attack so we had a lot to talk about with that and she is seeing the same endocrinologist that I am. She said he wrote a book about thyroid cancer, she is supposed to send me a copy, I will keep you posted on it. His name is Doctor Silverman, EXCELLENT DOCTOR!!! Well sorry I got so long winded I will keep you posted on my pathology report, again thanks so much for the support and information, GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!!


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Anna, So glad that you posted. I was wondering about you. You made the right choice and are on the road to recovery. Yes please let us know results. We have walked in your shoes! Cindy

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Hi Anna!! I'm so glad you are ok. and recovering. In my surgery since I was 4 months pregnant, The dr wanted to clean the area so good that the parathyroid glands were removed also. This year in August it will be 16years of my surgery. I take Caltrate 600mg twice a day (for the rest of my life) Rocaltrol 50mg twice a day and synthroid 300mg. The Rocaltro is a vitamin D that is to help my body absorb calcium and sometimes it is at 8.5 hardly never makes to 9. I should probably take 6 like you. just kiddin. I hope to here from you soon. God Bless you

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Anna552, Wear your battle scars well & do not be ashamed or embarassed. I too was afraid people would stare at me. After 4 years now of having a total thyroidectomy & lymph nodes removed I have two beauty scars. (that is what I call them!!) I find myself looking at everybodies neck now to see if they have scars. Mine in the front is 5" long and the side of my neck is 4" long. My meds are still not regulated and I have bad muscle spasms and can not stand anything to touch the side of my neck, it drives me crazy. Even though I have a numb feeling. Take care, Rocky

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