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husband has pancreatic cancer

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hi my name is Susan and my husband was just diagnosied with pancreatic cancer..Were from just south of Pittsburgh and going to the hillmen center tomorrow in Pittsburgh...I guess this is hell on earth right now and I am trying to get as much info..that my mind can take..this is my first visit to this website and I have been looking up things for 3 days now..Dont know what to expect but all inducations on pancreatic cancer is a beast..My husband has the will and I am getting educated as we speak..I need to know if anyone has beat this thing and were do I go to get the best knowlege, hospital and or doctors I need..I AM LOST FOR NOW..if anyone can help me get started in this fight you can email me at susmar@roadlynx.com or reply on the discussion..I dont want make a wrong move..I thank anyone that reply's to me..THANK YOU

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hi susanann, my heart goes out to u and your husband. I had emerg. gall bladder surgery july 17 and came out of the hospital with pancreatic and liver cancer. the pancreatic tumor was the size of a soft ball and had spread to the liver to 7 cm. size. I have chemo [gemzar and valcade] twice a week and no radiation. with treatment and Gods will, the pancrease tumor is gone and the liver cancer has went from 7cm. to 1.4cm. I have not lost any weight or hair and pray that your husband will follow in the same manner. My mother is 84 and has worn her knees out in prayer God Bless Mike

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Hi Susan, have you come across the Gonzalez Protocol for treating pancreatic cancer in any of your searches? It combines pancreatic enzymes with nutritional therapy. It used to be considerd alternative treatment, but results were so comopelling that the NIH has been funding studies for the past five years. The website is www.Dr-Gonzalez.com. Of 11 patients in the pilot study, the average survival time was 18 months, compared to the usual 4-5 months. Two patients were still alive after 4 years. All of the participants had inoperable, metastatic cancer. Check it out. Thanks, Dan Hammond

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Hi, Susan. I e-mailed you a response but the address failed. I would be happy to send it again if, indeed, you have another e-mail address. Best wishes with your seach for help. Don

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Hi Susan,
My name is Debbie and I know what you are going through. My huband was told he had pancreatic cancer in May of 2003 Stage IV spread to the liver. We have always been religious but since then we have prayed like we never prayed before. He was just devasted taking care of himself all his life never saw this coming. He has been on Gemzar but that won't get rid of this curse. We are now going to Staten Island U.Hospital for Sterotactical Therapy. If you get in touch with them (Radiation Dept) they will send you information. Pray and keep on fighting.
God help all of us,

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