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Nanuk (bud)Update

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It's Sunday night, and I'm back home after biopsy
& a few more surgery scars. Mets are CC mets, too
numerous (20+) to operate..Dr says there wouldn't be enough tissue left. Plan to see Onc ASAP and see what she has to say, although aready know that it will be another round with the dragon chemo. First, thank you all for your response and support..I am still upbeat and positive because of your help, and will continue to participate on this forum.
For Em: I had Total Mesorectal Excision w/colostomy Nov/2000, and have had 2 colonoscopies, but Dr didn't recommend another
after the last one on 11/30/01; was about to get
another when CT discovered lung mets. Now I'm not sure it makes a difference.(?)No visible recurrence in pelvic/abdomen on last CT, but now I'm wondering if I need a colonoscopy, PET, etc.
Geeezz, maybe spongebob is right; Conan The Barbarian will do it.. Bud

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I just read the previous post today and I am so sorry to hear that you are dealing with this. Perhaps the dragon (chemo) will slay the evil sorcerer(cancer) this time, once and for all. I am not versed in treatments or outcomes for this but I am thinking positive thoughts and sending them your way. Don't let this setback get you down too far. You can get through this. Get out your sword and fight the good fight. I am thinking of you.
Love and Hugs,

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Dear Bud,
Glad to hear you are back home. Sounds like it will be time to saddle up and fight the dragon. Are you a Tolkien fan? Some fierce dragon slayers in Lord of the Rings...more my speed than Conan...and those little hobbits sure fight the good fight. Lots of fiercely positive thoughts being sent your way. Judy

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Bud -

I know every one of us is holding you close in our thoughts. I have my sword sharpened - if there is anything I can do to help cover your six, lemme know. Will Smith was ready to kick some alien @$$ in that movie Independance Day - well, I'm ready to kick some dragon @$$!!

(BTW, I hear the ladies find battle scars veeeeery sexy!)

- SB

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Even Keloid scars..? Bud

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