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Good News

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Hi All,
Thank you all for the support before the colonoscopy. I really appreciate it. I just got the results of the biopsy today. Can you believe it? On Sunday! NO CANCER!! I do have hemmorhoids and diverticulosis though. Who knew?! It is ironic since they thought I had hemmorhoids when it was really cancer and now I really have hemmorhoids. I am very happy this way! Have a great day everyone and thanks again.


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GREAT news!!! Judy

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In this case, I'd say that hemmorhoids and diverticulosis are a good thing...but most people are going to think you're crazy when you tell them what you are celebrating.. Bud

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EXCELLENT NEWS TAUNYA! I agree with Bud...who knew that a diagnosis of hemorrhoids could be a GOOD thing?!?!?

Take good care of yourself,


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Be sure to watch the diverticulosis tho' which can exacerbate colon conditions. Did the doc give you any dietary adjustments to make to rid yourself of the diver.?

CELEBRATE! a clean colon!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!

peace, em

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Great news Taunya! Although 'roids and diverticulosis are a pain in the @$$, it's all good today.

Stay well!

- SB

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