Ostomy question

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I'm scheduled for a Thoracoscopic lung biopsy tommorrow, and was wondering if there is anything I
can do to minimize problems with the appliance while
under anesthesia and during recovery. Although I have posted this message on IOA & UOA boards, I thought there might be some ostomates on this board who have had similar experiences. Thanks, Bud


  • KrisS
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    I suspect that you don't have to worry about your ostomy, other than reminding the anesthesia people that you have one. They won't be working near your ostomy and during anesthesia the intestines don't move much, so I don't think you have to worry about the bag filling up.

    I would take a spare wafer/bag and supplies with me so that if there was any reason to change things you'd be using your customary supplies.

    Here is hoping things go smoothly tomorrow.

    Best wishes,