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I need someone to chat with who is finding it hard dealing with not being able to have more children.

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Hey, I'm there.. all I ever wanted was to have kids.. be a mom.. I went through radiation at 28 and I'm 31 now and its not much easier dealing with it... I never got to even have one child. I know its depressing.. and hard.. but concentrate on the children you do have... I never got that chance and each and every child is a blessing.... >

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I know that might not be the time, but do consider adoption. I have two children (sixteen years apart) and my daughter is adopted and you just do not feel any differently towards adopted and biological children. I also had endometrial cancer, a hysterectomy , radiation and , right now, just feel that there is a huge empty space inside of me. How do you know if it actually worked, I wonder.

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My daughter and I are both survivors- She was 32 -I can only tell you that time-time and more time- it is extremely painful however you will heal from this loss- always play the menatl game of what you have[including your life] against the loss. it takes will power and time- good luck.

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