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Request for Personal Web Pages

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Hi to all at this site;
As a relative newcomer, I have found this site to be REALLY helpful, and am grateful for everyone's responses to my postings. I look forward to knowing a little more about people at their web page, and hope each of you would consider doing one. It somehow makes the connection stronger for me....so...please consider. I was surprised how easy it was and it made me stop and think a bit.
Thanks for all your support. Judy

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Hi Judiths: as a newcomer to the site, I find there is a learning curve to navigating the site..esp when it comes to web sites-I haven't made one yet, but intend to do so. So far I have had difficulty in finding websites; it seems that you have to go to personal websites, then search,
then enter user name, etc. Is there an easier way to get to the personal websites? Bud

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Ahoy, Bud -

One thing to keep in mind is that EVERYTHING is case-sensitive. I plugged away for hours one day looking for someone and didn't get anyhing until I realized that I was using a cap at the start of the name (there isn't one and the site didn't recognize it).

Jose, the CSN Guy is an excellent resource if you have any Qs.

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