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Colonoscopy in the Morning

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Hi All,
I just thought I would vent before going out to get that wonderful Fleet Phosopho-soda. AACKK!!!! I had two incidents of rectal bleeding so the Doc scheduled the test. I am petrified they will find something. I am one month away from 2 years cancer-free. Wish me luck!


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Dear Taunya
Good luck to you. That stuff is nasty I found that flat Sprite was my drink of choice afterwards. Here's hoping for good test results.

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Good luck, Taunya!!! I know it's scary after you had cancer, to go for a colonoscopy, but don't worry until it's done. Concentrate on the hard part of cleansing and going through it, it's so hard. Good luck again and best wishes, hope it's nothing.

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Hi Taunya -
Good luck tomorrow. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Maybe they will just find some hemorrhoids!!

At least they didn't prescribed the "go lightly" stuff to clean you out. I found that to be far worse!!


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Both are tirrible, but I remember trying to get "Go-litely" down all day long, it was awful, I hope I don't have to do that again. But, on the other hand, I vomitied the fleet last time.

Good luck tomorrow, Taunya!

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Bottoms Up! (literally) Drink-chug-a-lug!!

peace, emily

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Hope everything went well for you today. Keep us posted on the results.

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