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My Dad

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My Dad just called. He went to my Doctors office and is talking them out of doing this surgery. I am so mad at him right now. He thinks we should wait and see. I am 33 years old. He is not the one living with the not knowing. I want the thing out and over with. If its not cancer then fine if it is I will deal with that too. I just want to know one way or the other. I feel like he is putting his nose where it doesnt belong. I know he is trying to look out for my best interest but from everything I read when the FNA comes back inconclusive or suspicious you take the thing out. You test and go from there. He is not getting that point. The doctors think that is what I want. No that is what he wants. I dont want to delay this. If I were to delay it can it spread??? What should I do??? Should I have the surgery that is scheduled for day after tomorrow. I had myself all prepared to do this and now??? He is soooo nosy. Anyway thanks for any advice.


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I had Papillary Carcinoma. I went in to surgery not knowing if I had Caner but knowing that they were removing the right lobe. I had two nodules and one was touching another organ. I was like you that all I wanted was to get this thing out. My husband thought that I should wait. The not knowing is so hard. I said that it is my life and I am going to get it over. They removed half and sent it to lab while I was in surgery and it came back Cancer so they removed it all in one surgery. It is not a real painful durgery and recovery was quick. The Thyroid medication worked out well also. Each person is different. Good Luck Cindy

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I forgot to tell you that I had a general surgeon and he was the best. Very up to date on Cancer. My meds are regulated by my family Doctor. It is all O.K. to deal with. I am glad that I did not wait as I still have problems as something is still there. Don't wait as time is on your side!

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Anna552 - I'm 26, I waited a year to have my surgery because I was scared...I found lumps in my neck and ignored them. I had a surgeon call me 6 months after I went in for a thyroid scan. He told me if the scan turned up nothing I should have biopsy. I ignored the nurses calls to set the appointment. Finally the surgeon himself called and caught me. So I finally went in for my biopsy. I thought it was nothing as I felt fine. It turned out I did have papillary thyroid cancer. A week later they removed my whole thyroid and 25 lymps - 15 of them were malignant. I had my surgery and am recovering fine for the most part...just the standard after surgery side effects. But really I wouldn't wait. What if I had waited? It could have been more than 15 miglignant tumors...So now, I will never ignore another thing. I'd rather know than not know. If it is your body, it is your choice. I've never heard of anyone waiting on cancer that it gets better on its own. As a fellow human being with compassion, go get yourself checked out. Please. - mandolinv

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