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What are the chances

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What are the chances this isnt cancer? How many people here had the FNA come back with cancerous cells to then be told it was cancer? I am just sure as everything hoping that it isnt. I am 33 years old with two kids and what are the chances of them getting this? My sister was diagnosed at 36 with type one diabetes. She has been struggling for 2 years to get that under control. Is the thyroid as tough to get the levels under control? I am not seeing an ENT. I am seeing a general surgeon at the best hospital in Atlanta. He said he does about 60 or more of these surgeries a year. My internal medicine doctor who is awesome highly recommended him. He also referred me to an ENT for after surgery. They all work closely and the ENT is aware of my history but doesnt do surgery. Is that normal for them not to perform surgery? I am having the surgery at Northsided hospital and it is a top Cancer Hospital. How long did it take for the results after the surgery. I forgot to ask the Doctor but I will be seeing him tomorrow for the Preop Appointment. He assures me that everything will be ok but he cannot say whether it is cancer or not. He said the results of the FNA show Follicular neoplasm and Atypical rare cells with the tumor being complex and solid. I am not sure exactly what that means. I was so shocked that it didnt come back normal that I didnt prepare myself for all the questions I should have been asking. I have a wonderful family that will be there to support me. Thank God. Thanks for your support too. I will let you know how it turns out.


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Anna, It's me again try to relax. After the surgery they will tell you when you go back and usually that day they give the pathology results. Remember I was 4 months pregnant and 18 years old now I'm 34 going on 35. My kids are fine thank God. I've had 3 treatments 1989, 1994, and Feb 2003. The dr are the only ones that tell you what is next. Try to relax. and I will have you in my prayers that everything comes out ok.

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