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A friend of ours passed away yesterday. It was primarily liver cancer, although I don't have all the details regarding mets or other issues. But I wanted to know if it's possible for someone with only liver cancer to receive a liver transplant? Please don't think my question rude, I just really don't understand liver cancer thoroughly, as mine was ovarian and I'm more familiar with that. Thank you for responding. I pray that research, all cancer research is heightened this year so that none of us (including our families) ever have to go through this again.

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Mopar, I am sorry for your loss.
In answer to your question, it is possible but not widely done. The reason, as it has been explained to me by different oncologists, is that cancer cells all too frequently remain behind and aggresively attack the new liver at a faster rate than the primary cancer was growing.
Now, having said that, there are exeptions, and these depend on the doctors, hospitals.
Another exeption, I have recently learned, is if there are only 1-3 tumors in one node of the liver, a transplant could possibley be done. There are other obvious factors, too. If the patient has
Hepatitis or cirrhosis (consider to be a precancerous condition) doctors may opt on performing the transplant.
If you seriously want to learn more, you can also surf the pages of www.nci.org (National Cancer Institute website) or www.thecancer.info website.
the NCI is very thorough.
Good luck with your research.
And please don't think that you are offensive in questioning. Though primary liver cancer is uncommon, and only approx 5% of cirrhosis patients develop cancer, with the rise of Hep infected patients, you may expect to hear of more people developing tumors.
Signed - A Recurring Adult Cancer Patient.

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