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A little Scared

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Hello I am new here. I found a lump in my neck about two months ago. I went to the doctor and was sent for ultrasound. It came back as one solid complex nodule. I had a FNA done and it shows Atypical follicular neoplasm and rare cells. My doctor has now sent me to a surgeon and he wants to remove the entire gland next Wed. He says there is still a chance that it isnt cancer, but he wants to go ahead and remove the entire gland because it seems to be very suspicious and doesnt want to have to do two surgeries. I am very nervous about this. I have read every ones posts here and I just want some reassurance that I am doing the right thing here. Please give me details on the recovery process. I am really scared. Has anyone here had the entire gland removed just on suspicion? Should I ask to have it partially removed instead?

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I sent you an email about your posting...please check it.

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Hi Anna- I had my whole thyroid gland removed. I did have a aspiration biopsy to confirm that it was cancer. Then when I had the surgery they only removed one lobe first, and did a stat test to confirm that it was cancer, to make sure it wasn't a false positive. Then, they removed the other side of the lobe. You should ask your doctor to measure the nodule to see how big it is, and to retest both lobes during surgery before they remove both sides. I know that is better to be safe than sorry, so I understand where the doctor is coming from. But what could it hurt do to do a fast lab test before it is final. The thyroidectomy surgery was not as bad as I expected it to be. I have had abdominal surgery before for a benign ovairan tumar, and I was in worse pain and a long recovery time. With a thyroidectomy, there is not that much muscle that they are cutting into, so that makes a difference with the recovery time. I was only out of school for one week and then I went back to nursing school the following week, and that same day I went back I had my stitches removed. I think the hardest part about it for me was the emotional part! I felt depressed for a few months, and spaced out a lot and felt sorry for myself. I just didn't feel myself. It was good that I started back with my busy life at school, so I didn't sit at home and be more depressed. I seriously think it helps with the recovery to get back to your regualar life as so as you are able. Good luck with everything. And stay strong, each day gets a little bit easier, SJSPEDS

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