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Colon Cancer Cell Breakthrough

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Israel Scientists Make Colon Cancer Cell Breakthrough

Agence France-Presse

Researchers at Israel's Weizmann Institute said Tuesday they have managed for the first time to halt the spread of colon cancer cells in laboratory tests.

Scientists at the center near Tel Aviv believe that their breakthrough could help pharmaccologists develop drugs to prevent or reverse colon cancer, which is the second most common form of cancer in men and third with women.

The researchers found that the metastatic, or migrating nature of colon cancer cells, results from the malfunctioning of "cell-gluing" molecules including beta-catenin, which can lead to cells breaking loose from tissue and migrating to form another tumour in another part of the colon.

The malfunctioning can result in rival e-cadherin molecules being overwhelmed by beta-catenin, activating a cancerous gene known as Slug.

But the researchers found that by supplementing e-cadherin molecules in parts of the colon they can subsequently reverse the process and make the cells stick together again.

"The fact that the invasive process in colon cancer can be reversed is surprising," said chief researcher Avri Ben-Zeev.

"It offers hope of reversing the metastatic process or even preventing it in the future by designing a drug that targets Slug."

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Thank you for these updates. Even with a medical background, the information sure is hard to follow, but it is encouraging to be reminded that advances are occurring every day. I'm all for getting rid of Slug! Maybe it will be part of my visualization during chemo...it appeals to the gardener in me. Thanks, Judy

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When I read the words that it will possible in the near future to "reverse colon cancer" and "to stop metastatic cancer" I was so excited! This is major, isn't it? Gives me so much hope!

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So, colon cancer is caused by a gene called "Slug"... You know in the garden they put copper stripping on top of planting bed borders to keep the slugs out. I bought one of copper bracelets a few years ago for arthritis... didn't really work. Maybe I'll stick it somewhere else. (great visual, eh?)

Thanks for the cool info, Tina!

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Where the sun don't shine...eh SB?


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WOW! Thanks for the good news Alefina. I am so fearful, I have a colonoscopy coming up on Tuesday. This kind of news does my frightened heart good. Thanks!

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