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I'm so tired!

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I've been in remission now for a little less than a year and I'm still so tired! I underwent chemo and radiation during treatment and understand that being tired may be completely normal but for so long? Has anyone else experienced this and when did it go away?

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Hi Sherra,
I am 13 months past chemo and radiation and also, am extremely tired. There are a lot of chest pains, and swollen eyes, and daily fevers. Is it normal? It seems so on this site, but the doctor's sure don't tell you about it.
I hope you get stronger every day. Be well,

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I've been in remission since March '95 after 6 months of chemo. No radiation, guess I was lucky. I still get winded, and I'm in good shape from walking a lot of miles a day delivering the mail. But there are also a lot of times when it doesn't bother me. Lots of sleep helps. Something else that helps are B-complex vitamins and ginsing extract. Between sleep, a balanced diet, B vitamins and the ginsing there are times when the energy don't seem to quit. Chinese grocery stores have the ginsing in boxes of 30 little bottles. It tastes bad but a quick drink helps that.


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Sherra, I just wanted to tell you to talk to your doctor and get your thyroid checked. I went through radiation treatment only last winter and in Novemeber I started to feel very tired and was very nervous it had come back. Well, I went to the doctors and they did the blood test for my thyroid and it is totally not functioning. They say it takes longer if that is going to happen, but anything is possible. So get it checked. Sandi

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I just found another swollen lymph node in my neck. I put it off as nothing for two months. come to find out, the doctors were upset because I took too long mentioning this. It is more than likely cancerous again. The doctors thought it was my thyroid and put me on thyroid medicine. I was called in to his office two weeks later and they said my thyroid is fine but why is my hair still falling out Please Help

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Sherra, I've been in remission since '90 and I'm still tired (just kidding). After my first time with cancer I recovered pretty fast~3 months but the second time w/chemo I was tired for about a year. Then I was okay for a while then started to get tired again. I was then diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I belive Sandi mentioned the thyroid test which is a good idea. One of the things that kept me from getting tired was exercise. Ever walking a few miles every day helped. It will go away.
good luck

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Its been about 15 mounths sence I have been "cured" and I still get extreemly tired, but I am as healthy as a horse. When ever I have something big comming up durring the day, I drink an energy drink, or a frapachino, don't worry though, its most likely nothing, just do everything one day at a time.


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I've been in remission since February '96 and I get tired all of the time. I agree with Sandi, though. You should get your thyroid checked. In 2000, I felt more tired than usual and I knew something was off. It turned out that I had a tumor on my thyroid and had to have the whole thing removed. Although thyroid cancer or problems are common in patients that had radiation as part of their treatment, I never had any radiation. But I feel 100% better now that I take synthroid.

Give yourself time, though! All you can do is eat well, exercise and take care of yourself. Your body has been through a lot and we all have to remember that.

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It's ok to be tired. Your body when through a lot. It took me about 2 years to feel like myself again. Your body is a work of God it's take time to heal itself. Every day I try to do a little more. It was about a year before I could return to work fulltime. But then I would come home and rest for the entire evening. It's much better now.

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Sherra, I can totally empathize with you. Unfortunately, I have no words of wisdom to help with your problem. I have been in remission for over six years, and I am still exhausted. My thyroid tests out ok. But during the radiation treatments after ABVD, my spine/spinal cord was damaged, and I have a huge amount of pain in my mid/upper back, for which I take opioids. The thinking is that, while my brain doesn't register the pain so much, my body still has to deal with it, so I am exhausted from the 24/7 fight with pain. So, I have to also take a stimulant in order to not fall asleep on the drive to and from, as well as function properly, at work. I would dearly love to be pain-free and able to stay awake without meds, but to this point, it's the best way to make it from day-to-day. I would be interested if anyone else has had such problems with long-term fatigue. Hang in there sherra.

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