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Chronic pain/10 years/HELP!

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Hi Everyone,I had adeno carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma 10 years ago and I am wondering if anyone else has suffered chronic pain since their treatment? and if so what has been done to help you? I have NO LIFE,have not been 'able' to work for 10 years and my life has been hell.I had medical care,but divorced a abusive husband,so now I have nothing.(burden to family)Am relying on local clinic for help.Will see pain clinic on jan 23,hoping a trial of neurontin will help.Any advice welcome(vixen281@yahoo.com)sorry for the book!

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How extensive was the adeno carcinoma? I had both adeno and squamous last May. I have some lymph node swelling and some pain after sex but it seems to be manageable. I would like to know more about your situation. You are the first person I have met who has had both types too. Please reply.

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im in the same situation 10yrs later cant urinate without a catheter,bowel issues constant abdominal pain and joint pain at this point the drs think im insane and im starting to thimk so too

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