concern for my mother's progress with glioblastoma grade IV

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I posted a message on here recently after my mother's sugery. Her progress is going down hill. I need some hope. She is doing chemo now and just recently she is really weak from not eating and not drinking enough water. She can't even lift her self up out of bed. My dad has to help her. She also is losing hearing in her left ear which is the side the tumor is on. She has a MRI next week to see if this certain chemo treatment is helping or not. If it isn't helping shrink the tumor they will put her back on Temodar. She stopped taking it because it was to expensive. $4,000 a month for a five day treatment. I just seen her at Christmas time and just the these last two weeks she has really gone down hill. Is there anyone that can give me some hope or suggestions. We all now she needs to eat and drink water to keep her strength up, but she doesn't feel like it. Any response will be appreciated. Thanks and God Bless.



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    Mary, sounds like you are going through a very tough time with your Mom. I have stage 4 Glio Blastoma, and was diagnosed back in July 2003. I have had a resection, radiation, and take temador. From my last MRI, the tumor has not grown much, and hopefully will remain that way.
    Your Mom needs to keep her strength up, and someone needs to force her to eat. I don't know if she is not eating due to the meds, or if she has given up. Either way, she needs to eat and drink liguids, that is very important for her to maintain her strength. Being positive around her will also provide strength she needs. I know without my family and friends providing be support, I would be in a different situation.
    As far as the cost for the Temador, you need to ask someone with the CSN website, they may know or have some assistance you can get.
    If I can help you or your Mom, please let me know. I will be more that willing to talk with either of you.

    God BLess.
    My internet ID is [email protected]
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    unknown said:

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    Thanks Jose.... I hope someone can help. Having her stay on the temador is critical to her recovery...
    Again, Thanks Jose..

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    Mary, were you able to get some Temadar?
    And How is your Mom doing??