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Lipiodol Iodine-131 Treatment

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I am in Hong Kong receiving treatment to dramatically reduce the chances of a reccurance. I am 31 years old with primary liver cancer. I have no other liver conditions and I have had 2 resections in the past 5 months since the cancer was accidentally discovered. This treatment was easy compared to the resections however, it is not in the USA. It increases my chances of survival from 10%-80% in the next 5 years. Those are pretty good odds. If anyone wants information about this PLEASE e-mail me.

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What kind of liver cancer do you have? My daughter is 23 and has fibrolamellar liver cancer

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Thank you for posting your message. We are interested in the Lipiodol treatment you referenced. How is it administered? What does it do? How does it work? Why is it not used in the States? Do you have Fibrolamellar variant of HCC? Sorry for all the questions, but we're very curious about this treatment. Thanks in advance for your reply.


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has anyone checked into the use of the Lipiodol iodine-131 treatment, adjuvant therapy for primary liver cancer recently? Any experience you can share? My wife was just had a 5cm tumor removed, diagnosed as hepatocellular carcinoma with some fibrolamellar characteristics. We know the recurrence rate is high and we're looking for options to improve her chances.

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