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Stage 3 Melanomia from a 21 year old college student

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Hi everyone.. I just wanted to let you know that if you are looking for anyone to talk to I am around to give any advice or talk about football or swimming or anything.
My name is Danielle and I am from Philadelphia. I am going to college at West Chester University in West Chester, Pa. I am Physical and Health Education Major with a minor in Adapted Physical Education. I am still going to school, while continuing to fight melanomia. I have stage 3 and it was diagnosed in July of 2003. Wow it was a hard summer. I had surgery in July and then in October of this year I went through BioChemothereapy. This stuff was hard. I also had lymph nodes removed, which had cancer and now I am on oral chemothreapy. So hopefully in June this will be over and then it will be on to Radiation. If anyone has any information for the side effects of this that would be great.
Take Care,
Danielle :-)
You can beat cancer one day at a time.!!

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Hi Danielle, My name is Jan. I have amelanotic melanoma and am a 40 year old mom of 3. I was diagnosed March 4th 2003, had major surgery and went through a big blast of radiation before I had even healed from the surgery. I still have side effects of the radiation, but I get up daily thinking the docs are wrong about my prognosis. They did not give me much of a chance, but I fight anyway. I hope you will continue to be strong. I was not offered any chemotherapy. They said it would not do me any good, so I am not much help with that, but I am still going after 9 months. They expected me to be gone by now, but I have the will to survive. That is what it takes. The radiation side effects are still lingering and are quite difficult at times. But I understand that everyone is different and being so young and active will help you through. Keep happy, this is a new year. Good luck and stay busy.

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Bless your courage! The damn doctors DO NOT know everything. Attitude matters! Hooray for you!!!!

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Hi I am a care giver. My husband is 59 and has stage 3 melanomia skin cancer. Had a mole removed on his shoulder last July. Had further surgeury in Aug. to go deeper & wider & removed 1 infected lymph node in his armpit. Started treatment Sept. 6 & did 4 weeks of chemotheraphy & now does 3 injections Mon., Wed., Fri. for 48 wks. of Interon A 20ml(60ml) (Interfaron) Drug. I don't know if this is the same thing you are talking about or not. But the side effects are lack of energy. Did have a bad case of not being able to sit & sleep. But they put him on a (clonazapam) pill and has had no problem since sleeping or sitting. Just lately sore muscles around the neck. Had his regular 3 months check-up with his cancer Dr. and all his tests are excellent. Hope everything stays the same way & does the work it is suppose todo. Will finish treatment in Sept. Long hall but it will be worth it. Hope you will feel the same & the treatment goes well. Keep in touch. Will be keeping you in my thoughts.

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Hi I am 33 and have stage3 melanoma and take interferon 3 times a week also. Have 7 months left. I would like to talk to someone else on the drug i am taking i am sarasota fl

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My husband (age 56) was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma 6 months ago. He had found a lump under his arm. After 2 more surgeries, they have now removed all lymph nodes under that arm. He started the IV interferon treatments(44 ml) 5 times a week for 4 weeks, and finished up the first week of January. He then started the 2nd phase of shots 3 times a week(22 ml. After just 2 shots he stopped this treatment as he was totally non-functional. He's lost 23 pounds and hasn't able to go to work. His doctor has suggested he take a "break" from the interferon until he is feeling a bit better. It has been 3 weeks and he is feeling much better, and has been going to work each day. He still needs to decide whether or not to go back on the interferon..maybe with a lesser dose or just do radiation. It has been really tough on him..and the family too.

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This sounds like what I am fixing to start Monday.
Can you give me an update on how your husband is doing.
This post was done on January 9, 2004.

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What a horrible experience for such a young health minded girl. I am KC my son Brent, age 35 has been fightng melanoma since December 2000 (stage 2 1/2). He has had three surgeries and a great attitude. It keeps popping up in areas not even close together ... what does this mean? He is in denial and because he acts like it is no big deal, I tend not to panic. I have no one to ask. How dangerous is this type of cancer? Skin cancer does not sound as bad as say, liver cancer. All five of my sons have been cheerleaders in high school and college. Healthy and tough. Brent is 6'6 and seemed bulletproof. Thanks, KC

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Just thought I'd join this chat. I am 46, mother of 2 who was diagnosed with stage 3 vulvar (!) melanoma in June 2001. I too did the standard one year of interferon A treatment which was horrible. But here I am, having regain all the weight I lost (oh well) and my memory, etc. It just took about 8-9 months after I finished for me to feel "great" again. I must admit that reading these messages brought back that "pit of the stomach" feeling I haven't had for awhile. If anyone wants to talk about interferon, I'm available. It's no fun, but just keep plugging away at the treatment. All my best,

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aloha! Im in hawaii and doing Interferon! It sucks, but dealing with it one day at a time.Im stage 3 and 28 yrs old wife and mom.Contact me at hiloislandgirl@aol.com *HugsSoTight*

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Could you tell me more about interferon, e.g. how many times per week to take it, it is kind of pill or injection, the dosage compared with body weight. Is it toxic ? What benefit I can obtain from it ? How long (duration) I can take with it ? As I do not respond to standard chemo DTIC, your assistance is much help to me. Please contact me at mchiu12@netvigator.com

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I am a 25 year old mother of two young girls who's husband is in the navy and family is 12 hours away. I will be starting interferon A on May 3rd. Will the side effects be so bad that I will not be able to enjoy time with my kids and am I going to need help with them and other chores? Please give me some insight. trueairhead01@yahoo.com Carrie

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I hope I can shed a little light on the matter. I am 44 and have melanoma I just had a tumor removed from my brain. Melanoma is a serious type of cancer. My Dr. told me once it is in your system it can come back anytime and anywhere. I have had 3 surgeries at the Mayo clinic for melanoma and will be receiving treatments again. Im not trying to scare you just trying to inform you.

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I have had an intense treatment of Radiation. Let me know if you want my story or if there are any questions I can answer for you.

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Hi, Just read your story and was wonderig did your cancer return...Please help

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