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Fractionated chemo vs. bolus

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Dr. Quillan endorces franctionated chemo as more effective and less toxic. I had it at the cancer center, but now switching to bolus with my regular onc. Had anyone have both and can they compare? What Dr.Quinlan said does make sense: if you drink a bottle of vodka all at once you might die, but if you drink a water glass every day for three days, you will not die (and even have a chance to be very happy). But he also says that it is more effe ctive as it can cancer cells in their growth, which I don't understand. Has anyone heard of it?

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no I have never heard of it. If you get more info let us know.

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I had fractionated chemo at the cancer center: first day they gave me 50 mg of Oxaliplatin, next day 100, and then the following day a 100 also. They believe it reduces toxicity. I was pretty sick second and third day and few days afterwords.
I am switching to my old onc who does not believe in it, he says why to make a patient sick 3 times, when you can get it over in one time. But I don't think he really gave it a thougt, he just had to say something, that's all. He is pretty close- minded, he hates new things. He doesn't believe in nutritional support either. So, I can't listen to him about anything except blood results, he knows blood. I will look for a naturopath in my area for immunotherapy, nutritional support, etc. I can't travel to the cancer center any more, I had a hard time flying home after the chemo, though I liked how they had everything under one roof - conventional and alternative therapies, it was great. So I will be able to compare the two methods of delievery and will let you guys know. I am going on the 8th, I will post few days after that. Tina

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