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any ideas?

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my father is a stage 4 non hodgkins lymphoma survivor. he was diagnosed 8 years ago and since then is not able to work and basically hangs out at home all day watching tv. this is a complete turn around from the person he was before. granted he had massive radiation to his brain and chemo for the stomach, liver, intestine, spleen, and lymph nodes. also, he is no longer able to drive. i'm looking for some support services, assistance, and/or activities for him and some support for my mother. my parents live in the suburbs in NY, but unfortunately there is no public transportation so this is no easy feat. he can do basic care taking activities but does not seem to be motivated to do regular activities of daily living. i don't know if there are services available for him or not. does anyone know how i could go about finding services for him? feel free to email me directly at kfaust78@yahoo.com with any ideas. thanks for any help you can offer.

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