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Have you tried Noni juice? http://www.nonijuice.com/
Have you tried paraffin bath, I was thinking it could help the hand-foot thing.

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Try high dose vitamin B6 for the hand-foot. Try about 400 mg a day, and take it everyday (even during weeks off 5F/U). Also the Celebrex helps a bunch too!

I have been unable to find anything about Noni juice that is not part of an advertisement of some sort - this fact alone makes me a bit skeptical.

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Al -

I used Mary Kay Night Emolient cream (don't you DARE tell a soul, it will RUIN my whole macho-sailor-lifesaver image) and it worked great for hand/foot syndrome. Put it on at night after a shower/bath while your skin is still soft and then slip on a pair of socks.

- SB

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woo woo sb

Anonymous user (not verified)

Sponge, I would have never guessed! See, what did I tell you about sailors and all their stories. Bert has a million of them, but this is one I've never heard before :)


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Here goes my excuse to buy a paraffin bath down the toilet. ;(

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...not that there's anything wrong with that!...OH THE MENTAL PICTURES I AM PAINTING! tee hee

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